When I heard that BOSS was releasing this trio of products, I asked them to send all three so I could review them together. Since they arrived I’ve used them in a number of musical settings, so here are my notes from the playing field!

Acoustic Singer Pro
This amp solves a number of problems acoustic electric players have, and also features a mic input with harmony for effects. Since no one really wants to hear me sing, we’ll be focusing on how good it made my guitar sound. Sonically, I would describe the character as warm and full bodied, but not flat. The highs are present, but not hyped. The end result is an amp that allows you to make the most out of piezo pickups and just have a great time playing. As noted in the demo, this amp makes it a joy to traverse styles without having to change settings. Love it!

Acoustic Singer Live
When I got asked to play a duet with a vocalist at a Christmas show, this smaller of the Acoustic Singer amps was the perfect choice. The XLR output options (see graph) made it easy to get exactly what I wanted into the P.A. without drama, hiss, or buzz. With a touch of reverb this amp did a fantastic job of accompanying the vocalist as they sang “O Holy Night” through a range of dynamics that ran from whisper quiet to triple forte. Super impressed!

AD-10 Preamp
I have to say that this one was hands down the most impressive. As noted on the graph, the AD-10 is more feature rich than the amps, and per the demo, it really allowed me to craft what I found to be a beautiful guitar sound. My regular acoustic setup features a pedal board designed to imitate the sound of a channel strip on a recording console along with studio quality compression and reverb. The AD-10 did all of that for a fraction of the price – and it can fit in the cubby of my gig bag. Once again, super impressed!

Which One
If you’re a performer or singer-songwriter, all three of these units traverse easily from the studio to the stage, so I’d suggest comparing the form factors and features to find what suits you best. In terms of what I’d suggest and why, here are my thoughts…

If you’re planning on playing loud with the option of adding vocals, the Acoustic Singer Pro is probably your best option. If you’re looking for some stage volume with the ability to replicate that sound into the P.A., the Acoustic Singer Live is a great choice – it has the same exact features as the Pro, and is uber-portable. If you’re looking to take your sound everywhere you go, but don’t need power and speakers, the AD-10 would be my suggestion.

If price and a little extra size is not an issue, the Acoustic Singer Pro is my top all around pick in terms of form factor, usability and features. It cranks live, and you can easily get your sound into the P.A. our your DAW via the XLR and USB outputs. That said, the smaller form factor and addition of compression made the AD-10 my personal favorite. It was a total joy to use in the studio.

About The Demos
The video features both the Acoustic Singer Pro and the AD-10. Since the Acoustic Singer Live shares the exact same features as the Pro, it sounds identical when run direct, hence no need for an additional demo. For the Acoustic Singer Pro demo I ran through a range of styles to give you a chance to hear how well it responds musically. For the AD-10 demo I took advantage of the compressor and stereo outputs (both unique to the AD-10), to create a studio quality sound, that is totally portable, and can be stored as one of ten presets.

Simply put, all three units exceeded my high expectations. It was clear that the Boss folks designed them with serious musicians in mind, and I am duly impressed!


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