Another Year – what goals do you set for the New Year for your music business? Have you written them down? Are you specific with your goals? Do you have a plan for more cuts, that first big cut, get more gigs, learn guitar and other instruments along with other goals you write down every year?

Take the time to look at your goalS every day and every night. Post them where you can see them in your house.

Ask yourself – how will I actually accomplish my goals?

As we write our goals, make them big and have a plan to make the goals happen, those cuts, that publishing deal (few and far between, yet a few new pub deals a year), getting booked into venues, touring and acquiring fans for
the journey.

Set goals to tour if you are an artist, leverage the internet, the ability to engage with your fans every day, to network with social media and it is important to get out and play. There is an artist in Nashville that made $74,000 last year on FaceBook and a Tip Jar. Set your goal on how much money you want to make in the new year with your music journey.

Songwriters… how many co-writes? How many new co-writers? How many new publisher relationships and new artists will you meet and co-write with this year? Set goals to learn your songs (if you do not play an instrument or know how to play the songs you’ve written).

Is this the year you will take music lessons? Set the goal to connect with a great teacher to help you learn to play that instrument better than you know how to play right now.

Musicians… how will you get your gigs for the year? Networking helps… being in a music community that people know your name and reputation.

How is your website? Do you need to re-vamp it? Set a goal of how your website can be the best and easy to navigate, to have your best songs on the site and information for your fans to contact you in the easiest way. Can you have fan engagement and is it easy on your site? Make sure that answer is ‘yes’.

Continue learning every day. Set goals for new books and resources to learn from and resources on line and in your community.

Set goals to learn the latest social media techniques, talk to people you know that are great at social networking, perhaps have them consult you this year.

There are no guarantees the songs will get cut, yet at least we have an idea and plan to work towards for the year and these ideas may spark other ideas.

Key thought: do one thing a day on your music journey and that equals 365 things in the
next year.

This music business is a relationship business. Perhaps make a list of professionals you want to build relationships with in the new year.

Set a goal of one or two lunches or breakfasts with pros per month you would like to get to know. Take them to share a meal and buy the meal. Go to the events where the pros go and meet them before asking to a lunch. Do not solicit randomly, meet them face to face.

“Bloom where you are planted” and build relationships in your own community and also make trips to Nashville or other music communities to build relationships in town.

Just get to know the pros, what they do, their story and what they do outside of business, interests in the music community, and ask for advice they would share to help you, things they’ve seen other people on the journey where you are and how those people advanced in the music business.

During your meeting with industry pros, do not take a CD of your music, do not ask them to go to your site and listen to your songs. This is to build relationships, not to pitch them your songs or to get you a deal.

Also, be sure and attend music industry events, support the industry and join the organizations that are proven winners.

What will you do to make the New Year your great year in music? Set goals and work every day to learn your songs and how the
business works!


    • Hey Justin – totally agreed – thanks for taking the time to post – appreciated! Happy Holidays & best of luck on your 2018 goals! ~ Doug:)


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