Emerson Custom: Pomeroy

Street $299


We are completely spoiled as guitar players in this day and age. There are so many options when it comes to great gear. Much of this gear is built by smaller, dare I say, “boutique” companies. One of these great companies is Emerson Custom. I first found out about Mitch Ingram when he started packaging matching pots for rewiring kits. Then he came out with the much noted EM-Drive. I reviewed that pedal a couple of years ago. Now Emerson Custom has released the Pomeroy OD/Boost. The Pomeroy is an overdrive with an independent boost. With that said, it really is so much more…

The overdrive distortion side has a very interactive EQ, and the low, mid, and high control sweep allows you to get drastic swings with your tone. No matter which amp I connected to, I was able to EQ it to sound great. The 6 position clipping control has so many different settings, you can experiment for days.

Lets walk through the clipping positions from Emerson’s site:

  • 1st Position: 2 Germanium diodes configured for symmetrical clipping.
  • 2nd Position: 2 x Silicon diodes configured for symmetrical clipping
  • 3rd Position: 3 x Silicon diodes configured for asymmetrical clipping. One on the positive side of the signal and two on the negative side.
  • 4th Position: 1 x Silicon diode and 1 x LED configured for asymmetrical clipping.
  • 5th Position: 2 x LED configured for symmetrical clipping.

The gain knob can go from boost settings to saturated gain, and is very flexible. The overall master control tames or adds volume depending on where in the chain you decide to place the Pomeroy.

My personal favorite feature is the clean blend. This allows you to blend in your clean signal with the Pomeroy’s overdrive. I found that it is almost like running a wet-dry rig. By adding in clean signal the clarity and note definition are accentuated.

The boost side has high and low settings with which you can achieve up to 24db of boost. Your amp will be hammered by boost. The LED lets you know where your db count is at.

The last, very useful feature of the Pomeroy is the insert on the back of the pedal. This allows you to insert another pedal between the boost and drive sections. Overall, I found the Pomeroy to meet or exceed my expectations of a multipurpose drive/boost pedal. The sheer number of tones you can coax from this pedal will probably eliminate a drive or two from your arsenal. Bravo Mitch!


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