Eventide Anthology XI

  • Eventide’s iconic hardware emulations
  • 23 separate Plug-ins
  • 2900 presets from world class engineers
  • Includes 5 new plugins including Blackhole, Physion, and T-verb

Street Price $1,799.00


Eventide is an iconic brand among audio professionals. Their gear has been used on so many hit records since the 70’s, you couldn’t begin to count them. The Classic Eventide H910 Harmonizer has been a staple in studios all across the world. The Harmonizer line series rack mount processors continue to be highly sought after, and the H9 Stomp box is one of the coolest guitar pedals ever.

The Anthology XI Everything software bundle represents all the classic Eventide stuff, with the addition of their newest additions. There are 23 separate plug-ins with 2,900 presets. Legendary engineers created many of them. The original product presets are also included, categorized by type and also in
alphabetical order.

Eventide uses Pace iLok software protection. The good news is that you get two instances of the plug-ins, and they can be authorized to your computer, with or without a physical iLok. The v1.02 download is 1.1 GB for Mac and 752MB for Windows, and their servers are super-fast.

After installing, you have a typical plug-in authorization, and then you are ready to rock! There are plenty of instructions on the site if you have any issues.

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Starting off, the H910 Harmonizer comes either as a mono or stereo version. You’ll immediately hear that wonderful familiar sound.

The H949 Harmonizer is an updated version featuring de-glitched pitch change that uses an algorithm to splice intelligently and smoothly. The H949 Dual stereo version is also included for stereo effects. The Omnipressor is a combination Compressor/ Expander/Limiter with a special feature called Dynamic Reversal, making soft signals loud, and loud soft. The unit was a big part of Brian May’s guitar tone, and I love what it does to drums and loops.

The FL201 Instant Flanger is modeled after the first true hardware tape flanging simulator Eventide made. It has such a rich texture that you don’t find in other flangers. I’ve had great results with it on drum rooms, guitars, and keys.

The PS101 Instant Phaser is unique sounding, with that analog feel. It has an envelope follower that’s really cool. Like the Flanger, it has its own thing that is different than other modern plug-ins because it’s actually modeled on old analog gear.

There are two vintage Urei EQ’s. The Urei 545 Parametric EQ has 4 bands of Parametric EQ with additional Lo & Hi cut Butterworth filters. It’s simple, yet very precise and powerful. The Urei 565 is an extremely surgical 36DB/octave EQ designed for troublesome frequencies or resonances. It has several notch filters and is a powerful mixing tool.

There are two H3000’s with hundreds of presets. The H3000 Factory is one of the coolest processors ever. It comes with the original 100 presets, and an additional 100 artist presets. It’s got a ton of features including delays, amplitude modulators, envelope followers, pitch shifters, filters and low frequency oscillators. There is a function Generator with 19 waveshapes, MIDI, noise, and side chain. The H3000 can go super deep. There is a separate plug-in, the H3000 Band Delays, featuring 8 separate voices and playable like an instrument. It is the most comprehensive delay unit you’ve ever seen. It will also instantly inspire rhythmic possibilities as you manipulate the filter type, delay time, frequency, and resonance. It can turn a simple musical motif into a fantastic original creation.

Also included is the Octovox 8-voice diatonic pitch shifter and the Quadravox 4-voice version. These plug-ins are intuitive rhythmic and very musical.

They are diatonic pitch shifters that can be key and scale driven. There’s a notation grid so you can easily see what you are doing, and full midi capabilities. Included are 70 presets to get your creative juices flowing.

Of the 6-reverb plug-ins included, the UltraReverb is just what it says. It’s based on the H8000 UltraHarmonizer and includes Halls, Chambers, Rooms, Plates, and Ambience modes. There are 300 great presets by top engineers. I love this powerhouse! The 2016 Stereo Room plug-in simulates a very convincing room. It’s one of the best sounding “room” plugs I’ve ever heard, and it’s great for vocals and super musical. It’s also CPU friendly.

The UltraChannel is my favorite all-in-one ultimate channel strip plug-in. It has a Gate and two compressors, including the OmniPressor, all with external side chains. There is a flexible 5 band EQ, followed by a stereo Micro Pitch Shift (H8000), a fantastic stereo delay, and a wonderful output transformer simulator. You can also change the order of the signal flow. Over 200 presets are included to get you started. Don’t sleep on the UltraChannel. It’s a beast! For lighter duties, there’s the EChannel. This is a very CPU friendly channel strip from the Ultrachannel with Gate, Compressor/DeEsser, 5-band EQ, and transformer simulator on the output.

Also included is the very handy Precision Time Align plug-in. It can move a track forward or backward with microsecond accuracy up to 1/64th of a sample! This is 64 times more accurate than a DAW, and has clever presets measured by 1 foot increments. It’s the ultimate time and phase alignment tool.

The Physion (an updated version of Fission) is a power transient Designer, splitting the sound into two individual parts. You are able to affect the actual transient and tonal parts separately. It can be used to tune drums and shape transients to mangle loops and sound design. I love this plug-in. There are three plug-ins from the H-9 guitar pedal. The Blackhole and Mangleverb are both super creative reverbs. The Ultratap stereo delay has 64 Taps, 150 presets and “Slurm” that smears and modulates the delays. This is one of the coolest delays ever, and it does amazing things. I use these three on guitars all the time.

The final reverb plug is the Tverb. This guy is super unique and developed by David Bowie engineer, Tony Visconti. There are 3 mics in a virtual room. One has a compressor and the other two have gates, individual levels, panning, and the ability to virtually move them anywhere in the room. It’s a brilliant plug-in and great for drums and vocals.

Anthology XI is possibly the most comprehensive set of professional grade effects you will ever find. There are a lot of companies who make similar emulations, but these are the originals from the original manufacturer. Eventide has gone to great lengths to accurately reproduce their rackmount units for “in the box” applications. The 2,900 included Presets are well thought out and very useful. If you haven’t heard them in action, you’ll be in for a great surprise.

There is a free 30-day license available to try before you buy.


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