Orange Brent Hinds Terror

  • 15 Watts
  • Full / Half Power Switch
  • Natural + Dirty Channels
  • Tube-buffered FX Loop

MAP Price: $749.00

Orange has been on a roll ever since they kick started the lunchbox amp craze with the Tiny Terror. Big tone in a small package is the current thirst of guitarists and the new Brent Hinds Terror quenches quite nicely.

For those unfamiliar with the current torch-bearers of the almighty riff, Brent Hinds is best known as one of the guitarists for Mastodon (who also happens to be this author’s favorite band ever), who’s giant riffs and soaring melodies have recently propelled them to Grammy-winning status with their newest album Emperor of Sand.

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The Features
The Brent Hinds Terror is a rock-solid 2 channel affair, which is normally a good foundation to get a wide variety of tones from elegant cleans to raunchy gained-out mayhem. Interestingly, the Clean channel has just a single volume control. After all, if you get this amp for the clean tone, you are getting it for the wrong reasons. The Dirty channel is where the business happens: Treble, Mid, Bass, Gain & Volume controls offer much tone shaping without cluttering the front panel. Also of note, the classic Orange hieroglyphics labeling the controls, no words. Pictures speak louder than words, right? Rounding out the front panel are the standard Power, Standby (with half and full power modes) and Channel switches.

Power switching options are copious, with 15, 7, 1 and 0.5 wattages being selectable. EL84s power this beast, which offer a good balance between volume and tone for the lower
wattage package.

The Sound
To be perfectly honest, I really wasn’t sure what to expect upon plugging into this amplifier. Surely this is not a re-packaged Jim Root, Rockerverb-based amplifier? A small Thunderverb perhaps? Well, no, not really. Upon first firing up the Hinds Terror, you are greeted with a very chime-y clean channel. Lots of top end but not too much. Cutting, with good low-end resolution using a 4×12 cab loaded with Vintage 30s (which are what Orange cabs come with anyways). My initial worry regarding the lack of any tone shaping options on the Clean channel were quickly calmed. Perhaps if you are using a Tele, I could see this being too bright of a channel, but come on, who is using a Tele with an amp with the Mastodon logo on the back?

Now let’s get to the Dirty channel. When I struck that first chord, a sense of surprise and relief came over me. Relief because the tone that was coming back at me was full. It was rich. It was rock. Surprise because I wasn’t expecting the Hinds Terror to be so crunchy. But good crunchy. Like, it sounds as if a Nestle Crunch Bar was put into an amp and mixed with a bowl of Rice Krispies and set on fire. Its wonderfully crunchy in the most 1970’s way possible. Very rock and roll. I loved it.

I will also note that this amp absolutely loves pedals such as overdrive and boost pedals. If you play around with speaker and speaker cab configurations, you will find Greenbacks will yield a very smooth, rich tonal experience. Creambacks with this amp are especially pleasant, with good midrange punch and defined low end.

The Conclusion
If you are looking for more of a Vintage yet Modern amp flavor to add to your tone arsenal, take a look at the Orange Brent Hinds Terror. This amp feels and sounds like a modern amp but has its feet planted firmly in a time where long hair and big guitars were the order of the day.


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