Pedal Snapshot: Pettyjohn Gold

Pettyjohn Gold

Street $249

Pettyjohn Electronics has had a great track record of releasing quality products, and the Gold is no different. I must admit that I have been a fan over the last few years. One of the first pedals I reviewed was the PreDrive. The Gold, in a traditional sense, may be my favorite to date.

While the Gold is more of a straight forward, Plexi style stomp box, it does quite a bit more than one would think. The folks at Pettyjohn have added a couple of useful features that take this sound over the top. The wide range EQ can handle your choice of tonal flavors without blinking an eye. Both the Low and High cut controls are passive and allow the player to dial in the exact amount of low end. I was playing through a Milkman 85-watt pedal steel amp, with tons of clean headroom. This allowed me to really hear the nuances of the cut controls. The mid controls are what really lets the Gold shine. The sweepable range covers 400Hz to 2kHz and allows the player to pinpoint exactly where that midrange should sit within that particular rig. When you push the mids, dare I say a D-style tone will arise. The Gold has incredible touch sensitivity and rich harmonic content.

Underneath the hood are a couple mini-pots. The first mini-pot controls the gain headroom. Coming standard on the high headroom setting, players may option to lower the gain headroom. This adds harmonic content, as well as quicker breakup. I found the high headroom setting to be where my rig was happiest. The other mini-pot adds an orange drop capacitor that softens and warms up your highs. For a brighter amp, this is great.

Like all Pettyjohn products, the Gold brings studio grade electronics to a stomp box world. From a mild, amp-like overdrive to heavier distorted tones, the Gold delivers. It’s worth its weight in ”GOLD”.


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