JHS Pedals: Ryan Adams VCR

Street $269


The Smiths, The Cure, and many more 80’s bands have signature guitar tones laced with chorus and reverb.  That sound was dubbed “New Wave”, and still lives on today in countless bands. JHS, with the collaboration with Ryan Adams and PAX-AM, created the ultimate New-Wave tool. The VCR, which stands for Volume, Chorus, Reverb, is basically a 3 in 1 pedal. Apparently, Ryan Adams had a bunch of different pedals on his board that were used to create his base rhythm tone. Each part of this pedal is on a single knob and switch.  The switch is only to engage or disengage that portion of the pedal. The Chorus knob at 12 o’clock is very reminiscent to an old CE-2. It can add just a little bit, or can be almost a rotary sound when dimed. The one knob controls both rate and depth on a sliding scale as it’s turned. The reverb is very 80’s, in a good way, taking the hall style reverb avenue, rather than a typical spring reverb we see on so many pedals. Mr. Adams is known for his Princeton Reverb amps, which is why he opted for a different style of verb in this pedal. The tone of the reverb is simple and good; it gives you the room feeling we’ve been talking about. I like that the VCR doesn’t overthink the sound. The Boost side is great to balance out the overall volume when the modulation effects are engaged. The VCR could replace 3 pedals on your board, depending on how you wish to use it. I had so much fun playing this pedal, and I’m sure you will too. Now I will go back to playing Duran Duran covers all day.


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