Networking in the Music Business

Business Cards – YES! We still need a business card in the music business.

I spoke at a “lunch and learn” recently for a bank in the music industry. I spoke to their clients that were new to Nashville, or visit Nashville for the music business. Most of the attendees were in their 20’s and used to the social media way of life. I asked if they had a card, and NO ONE had a business card with them! And they were attending a music business event??? Well, one person had a business card, and she was older than twenty years old and lived in Nashville several years. She is old school like me, and is a professional in the music business.

“Oh you can find me on Instagram”, “I’m on FaceBook”, “I’ll just put my info in your telephone”. . . Those are all the Wrong Answers!

Do you really think an A&R person, PRO, Publisher, or a label president or VP are going to remember your name, take the time to try to find you on social media, wants you to bother their phone, or will remember you the next day even if you do go in their phone – NO! You are ill-equipped for the music biz without a card.

This may be a new era, however not everyone does business with only social media and thinks in the new 20’s generation way of doing business. If you think, with all the information we are bombarded with every day, we can all remember your name, remember your website, FB, Twitter, Instagram and everything else you tell us instead of giving your business card – you are out of your mind. You are just lazy and not prepared without a music business card.

What should you have on your card? To start, make sure it is easy to read, not the little tiny font you think is cute. Include your phone number, your e-mail, and your website, along with your music and information about you on the card. Make sure it is not a little flimsy card, the cheapest you can find to represent you. Perhaps get with a friend that knows how to design cards, or pay a graphic designer to lay out your card.

Go to a reputable printer and look at examples of biz cards. Many printers have a design team that can help you on the design and layout of your card. Invest in a professional looking card and be proud of the card that represents you and your brand.

Here is a tip for networking with your card: At an event, have YOUR biz cards in your left pocket. When you receive someone’s card, put their card in your right pocket. That prevents fumbling through everyone’s cards, getting them mixed up, and wasting time. When you go to your left pocket, you know what is there without even looking, and you look professional and smooth along with being prepared at the event and to the person that asked for your card.

ACTION PLAN – Start working today on your music business card. Design it, or have a friend or pro do it. Lay it out, take it to a printer, and purchase your cards. Be sure to proof the card before giving the printer the OK to print.

I look forward to networking and receiving your Music Business Card at a Music Starts Here event in the near future…


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