• Limited Run
  • Brass Bridge Pins
  • TUSQ Bone and Nut
  • SRT Peizo Pickup


Yamaha has been perfecting acoustic guitars for 50 years. Billy Corgan is the lead guitarist and singer of the band Smashing Pumpkins. The two of them have teamed up to create a limited-edition guitar, adding several cool customizations that Billy has had done to his own guitar. Yamaha is building a limited run of 400 signature guitars, with 100 of them sporting a classic Sunburst finish.


The LJ16BC comes in a solid, hard-shell case.Inside are care manuals, registration info, an Allen wrench, and case key. The review model has the Sunburst top. Size wise, the LJ16BC is considered a Medium Jumbo. All of Yamaha’s L series use Topboard wood that has been treated with A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement). By controlling temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure, the wood has enhanced properties normally found in aged guitars. The top is Solid Engelmann Spruce, with a modified non-scalloped bracing design. The back and sides are Solid Rosewood, and the neck is 5-ply Mahogany and Rosewood. The Fretboard is Ebony with dot inlays. The Binding uses a combination of Black & Maple striping, and the Soundhole inlay adds a touch of Abalone. The LJ16BC comes stock with Gotoh tuners, brass bridge pins, Billy Corgan’s big “zero with a slash” logo on the headstock, a TUSQ nut and saddle, and no pick guard. It also has a unique passive SRT Piezo Pickup. It comes set up with Elixir light gauge strings.


The first time I picked up this guitar it felt like home. The shape of the neck is amazing. It feels like a very expensive instrument and is super easy to play. The action is fairly low, but at that sweet spot right before any buzzing. I checked every note on every string and the neck is nailed. The TUSQ Bridge is slightly compensated, and the tuning is solid going up the neck. It’s plenty loud acoustically, and recorded well in the studio. It kind of has that great classic Gibson Jumbo-ish sound to me, with better intonation, in my opinion.

Being a studio guy, keeping the guitar in tune is super important, and can be a pain sometimes. This guitar doesn’t disappoint. It just so happened I was at an arena size gig that needed me to play some acoustic. I had the perfect chance to see what the guitar would sound like, so I brought the review model just for fun. I was curious to hear how that passive pickup would hold up. I expected it to be plain and kind of dull, since you normally crank the hi-end with on-board preamps. Surprisingly, there was plenty of high end, and the whole thing sounded really cool. I asked the FPH engineer what he thought and he gave it two thumbs up. We were on in-ears at the gig, and I had no issue at all with feedback. The pickup is high impedance, so you could still add your favorite acoustic pedal if you like. The Brass bridge pins surely add to the zing factor, making the guitar bright, yet balanced.


Yamaha makes undeniably great guitars. I’ve been a fan and player for a long time. They’re an amazing company, taking pride in their workmanship across all their instrument lines. This guitar almost plays itself. I fell in love as soon as I picked it up, and so did the players I showed it to. Don’t be surprised if the limited edition LJ16BC model actually increases in value over time. It looks cool, plays like a dream, and has a great sound acoustically and plugged in. I’m still a little baffled at how that passive pickup can sound so good. Check it out if you can find one. I’d love the feedback.


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